Start Unit Testing in 30 minutes with Ceedling

Use test-driven development (TDD) to implement a simple embedded C application.
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While C is still the primary language of embedded systems and unit testing is a great way to test software applications, it's not always easy to put the two together.

Ceedling makes it easy to unit test C applications by automating the building and running of unit tests -- so you can focus on writing the code. And in this course I'll show you exactly how to do it.

Specifically in this course, you'll get:
  • Installation guides with step-by-step instructions for installing Ceedling on both Windows and Linux.
  • Three videos (~30 mins total) that walk you through the development of simple -- but complete -- C application.

We'll start by defining some requirements and creating a new Ceedling project.

Then we'll go through the development of the application by applying test-driven development (TDD). Each time we add a new feature to the code, we follow these steps:
  • Write a test, watch it fail.
  • Write enough code to make the test pass.
  • Refactor

Finally, we'll configure the project to build it for our host machine so that we can actually run it.
Installation Guides
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Create an Example Project
Introduction and Project Setup
6 mins
Write a Unit Tested Module with TDD
19 mins
Build and Run a Release Binary
6 mins